DATABASES[db_name]['ENGINE'] must be set to "psqlextra.backend". If you’re already using a custom back-end, set POSTGRES_EXTRA_DB_BACKEND_BASE to your custom back-end. This will instruct django-postgres-extra to wrap the back-end you specified.

    A good example of where this might be need is if you are using the PostGIS back-end: django.contrib.db.backends.postgis.

    Default value: django.db.backends.postgresql


    The custom back-end you specify must derive from the standard django.db.backends.postgresql.


    You can stop django-postgres-extra from automatically trying to enable the hstore extension on your database. Enabling extensions using CREATE EXTENSION requires superuser permissions. Disable this behaviour if you are not connecting to your database server using a superuser.

    Default value: True


    If set to False, you must ensure that the hstore extension is enabled on your database manually. If not enabled, any hstore related functionality will not work.